Brain Freeze - The Meltdown 1.0

Brain Freeze - The Meltdown 1.0: Brain Freeze is a great puzzle game that exercises your grey matter. Freezer ! Sprinkled throughout the game board are several game pieces that are hiding Brain Freezer. Don`t Despair! In the center of six adjoining game pieces is a clue. This clue represents the number of Brain Freezers in the group of six game pieces. Don`t click on a Brain Freezer or you will lose the game! But with a bit of deductive reasoning, you can figure out which game pieces are Brain Freezers! Then, simply match all the pictures hidden

Wondershare Time Freeze 2.0.0: Easy-to-use and effective virtual system software keeps computer safe.
Wondershare Time Freeze 2.0.0

Wondershare Time Freeze 2.0 is easy and robust virtual system software. Utilizing advanced virtualization technology, it can keep computer safe from viruses, spyware, Trojans and other threats. Time Freeze 2.0 added support to 64-bit OS, brings higher-level security to computer, and greatly improved the efficiency of virtual system. It is also more flexible to save/discard virtual system data and set different protection mode.

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Mountain House Freeze Dried 2.0: A Mountain House Freeze Dried screensaver to download and use on your PC.
Mountain House Freeze Dried 2.0

If you like Mountain House Freeze Dried Food, then you will enjoy this Mountain House Freeze Dried screensaver that you can use on your PC.

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Freeze Burn 2.0.0: Unrecoverable Secure File Deletion Tool
Freeze Burn 2.0.0

Freeze Burn does. Freeze Burn Inferno Edition is equipped with a complex binary overwriting algorithm designed to make sure that any deleted data contained inside sensitive files is never recoverable or readable in any way, using any file recovering technology. The process of wiping your sensitive data is as easy as it could be and does not require any advanced computer knowledge. The simple wizard interface practically walks you through all the

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Freeze Burn 2.0.0: Military-Grade File Eradication Software
Freeze Burn 2.0.0

Freeze Burn, any files you thought you have deleted are still present on your hard disk and/or external storage device. Using file recovery software products, anyone can easily recover and extract sensitive information these files. Thanks to Freeze Burn’s intuitive design and simple user interface, you can safely and easily wipe private data in just a matter of minutes. Freeze Burn incorporates a complex binary algorithm which overwrites the file

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UnFreeze 1.4: Are You Tired Of Windows Freezing Up And Their Close Button Not Working?
UnFreeze 1.4

Are You Tired Of Windows Freezing Up And Their Close Button Not Working? With UnFreeze, Just Hit A Customizable HotKey (Ctrl+Shift+Delete By Default) To Make The Window Disappear Instantly! Also, Set HotKey To Shutdown Computer. Runs In Compact Tray (Minimized) Mode Too.

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BrainFreeze 1.0: The most useful, simple, application I`ve ever used.
BrainFreeze 1.0

The most useful, simple, application I`ve ever used. Absolutely the perfect place to write your thoughts, ideas, and brainstorming notes! BrainFreeze® saves your thoughts like a steel trap and it`s tiny, so you can keep it open and it will be there when you need a scratch pad.

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